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Who am I?

 I'm originally from New Zealand, but have lived in Australia since 1984.  I got into SAP via a rather circuitous route....  I was an MVS systems programmer (who did other sorts of mainframe stuff on the side).  This lead to a job as a Capacity Planner for a major Australian R/2 site.  Once I had automated the Capacity Planning function I had very little to do, so I got stuck in to ABAP Development and R2 related CICS / DB2 / JCL tuning and administration.  After two years of R2 work, I started looking for R3 skills, which lead to my employment by BHP-IT in 1998, in Wollongong.  Very shortly after this, we were sold to CSC Australia, where I worked with the BASIS group for 12 years.  

The idea, which I have used countless times before and since, is to dive in to the stuff that I wanted to do and make myself too useful to be shifted elsewhwere.  Some peole suggest its a bit pushy, but I reckon making me turn up to a boring job is a hell of a lot ruder !!!

My major skill and, to be honest, interest, is around the technical areas and related issues of Computing in general - In the SAP environment, the obvious fit is what used to be called BASIS before the Netweaver world exploded.

I have always considered myself lucky to get paid to do something I really enjoy. It seems obvious to me that if you are willing to pay me $X to have fun at 'work', then I must provide at least $X + 1 value in return.  

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