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My Bio

Michael Koegel studied technical computer science at FH Konstanz in Germany. After completing his thesis on distributed computing with Java and receiving his diploma in 1998, he worked as a consultant on several major projects in banking, financials, and telecommunications. In early 2003, Michael joined SAP's Java Server Technology group, where he has been leading the JMS and JavaEE 5.0 projects. From 2005 to 2010 he's been working in the Global Ecosystem and Partner Group as a Solution Architect in the Co-Innovation Engineering team helping to promote eSOA and the usage of NetWeaver as a technology platform for ISVs and as Technical Alliance Manager for Software- and Technology-Partners. Recently he joined the Product Design Group for On-Demand (SaaS) Solutions making sure the next generation of application people-centric and delightful to use.

Community contributions

Articles on JMS:


Service oriented architecture: