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Born in Bruchsal, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, in 1968, my first love was a grammophone playing record with the famous trumpet solo 'Il Silenzio'.

So, I decided to play trumpet, which I achieved by joining several bands, symphony orchestras, big bands, brass ensembles etc.

I'm still a member of the SAP Big Band ( and SAP Brass (

Apparently I did not only love the music but also technical things like grammophone players, so when it came to the decision to study music or something technical, I chose the technical option, which was Computer Science.

After having finished the German 'Abitur' in 1988 I began to study at the University of Karlsruhe in 1989, which I finished in 1994. Main topics of my studies were

  • Operations research
  • Computer graphics
  • Systems management
  • Data mining

In the term 'Systems management' I heard the word 'SAP' for the first time, but it took me till 1998 to be part of this company.

Before I had a job in the IT department of a company in the kitchen industry and after that I worked as a C/C++ and Access programmer in a software company to support newspaper production (desktop publishing).

In 1998 I joined Kiefer&Veittinger, which was renamed 1 month later to SAP Labs Mannheim and later on to SAP CRM Consulting. The company was the original source of the still existing SAP CRM. At that time only the CRM Mobile part was available, under another name though: SFA (Sales Force Automation).

I worked in CRM (CRM Middleware) as developer, project lead, and product management specialist until 2003. Several customer visits in the consumer goods industry, customer trainings and a  patent application ( made this time a really great time for me.

After that I joined the newly founded 'Emerging Solutions' where a new xApp was developed, call xApp Product Definition (xPD), based on the also newly defined Composite Application Framework.

We achieved two releases of xPD, where we supported very demanding pilot customers, dealt with all the children's deseases of Netweaver and found new requirements to be forwarded to CAF Core and CAF GP. Also integration topics to xRPM, cProjects and newly developed BI Content, based on UDConnect formed the exiting and challenging part of this job. SAP Inspire chose xPD 2.0 as the platform to collect ideas. Please submit your idea here
All the time the implementation work was done at EPAM/Minsk, so it meant quite some coordination effort to ensure that design and implementation were really in synch.

The group around xPD was re-organized, now forming a member in the PTU Apps, together with xRPM and cProjects.
Today I'm working in the area of PLM-NPDI, mainly in the project DFM (Decision Flow Management)