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My Bio

Mike started in the Industrial Distribution market in 1984 as an Accounts Receivable clerk at R.S. Hughes Co., Inc.  Within a year, he had moved into the Inside Sales department, selling tape, adhesives and sandpaper.   In 1987, he took on an Operations Manager position, enjoying a time in which computers were just creeping into our environment.  Just having a fax machine seemed to make you one of the leading edge suppliers...let alone an inventory system that didn't involve a sheet of paper and a pen/pencil.

After growing tired of seeing daily receivables deposits typed on the IBM Selectric being checked and rechecked for not only typing errors, but also mathematical errors...Mike brought in his Atari 800 and wrote a basic program to bring some uniformity to the output of the form and more importantly, greater reliability to the process.  Needless to say, he wasn't too popular with the corporate accounting auditors because his division was using one of those 'new fangled computer thingy's' instead of the tried and true type written forms with 10-key tape stapled to it..."We must have the 10-key tape to verify the numbers add up!"

Over the 17+ years at R.S. Hughes, Mike was always in sales, asking the annoying questions.  "Why do we have to do it this way, wouldn't it be easier to use this/that technology instead?"  Profit 21 was finally implemented and the paper inventory pages finally were retired in the mid-90's and there was much rejoicing!

In 2001, an opportunity arouse at his current employer, EIS, Inc. to take his skills to the next level.  The platform used, SAP!  Mike was immediately impressed with the level of complexity afforded him...but, again, continued to ask, "Why?"

In 2006, Mike was given the opportunity to leave his now 22 years of Sales background and move full-time into the field that had always intrigued him.   As eBusiness Coordinator, his first project was to implement the transition to CRM4 / ISA.  The first thing he did...make sure the prices on the shop site, matched the prices in the R/3 system.  One of the things that he had always been griping about while in sales, was competing against his own website.  Prices weren't updated regularly, let alone ever match the prices the inside sales force were working with while speaking to a customer.

So, he now is, in effect, a Super-User with full CRM authorizations to experiment and then implement his idea of their shop site should be a 24/7 assistant for the sales force, not in competition with them.

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