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  I .........
*don't like to leave anything I start unfinished.
*don't like to brag or appear proud what I say.
* can speak fluently and to the point.
* Who pensively builds castles in the tone but can sometimes be a big cynic
* who can be extremely analytical bcoz of my BIG bro.
* but thinks that life should be more than just numbers .
* Who is ambitious and competitive and hates to lose
* but who really only wants to live a simple life and adores peace.

            On a technical Front   I have been with Infosys for the last one year contributing to SAP Enterprise Portal, WAS, BI in  the Netweaver space and ABAP. I have worked on java scripts, J2SE, J2EE,  SAP-HTMLB, SAP - PortalComponents,  model view controllers, web components, Enterprise Portal, Web Dynpro ,Visual Composer, Knowledge Management and nearly  6 months in ABAP. Bachelor  in Computer Science and Engineering From IIIT. 

Yesterday was history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift