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SAP PI/XI Integration Specialist  &  SAP Community Network Moderator for SAP PI 

I am SAP PI/Seeburger Integration specialist at Accenture, Canada with more than 6 years of experience. 

I started my career with L&T Infotech in 2005. At that time, SAP Business Connectors was taking its last breaths. And this made me move to make it remembered forever by creating a tool to Migrate the SAP BC objects to SAP XI and that was the point where the journey begins!! Moving further, got to work with clients in Energy, Aero parts manufacturer, Auto parts manufacturer and spent a lot of time with a huge FMCG group untill I continued there.

A US Railways related firm was my first client while working for Capgemini. This lasted for only a few months when suddenly Seeburger requirement popped up and I was the preferred choice. For 2 and a half year I worked for a HealthCare client and supported their large Seeburger implementation. This also gave me chance to visit Sweden 4 times and more than 10 other european countries as a part of my hobby. :-) I left Capgemini in Oct 2011.

Recently started contributing in BPX arena through blogs, wikis and to a smaller extent forums.

I Am Proud to be!!

What is it?

What does that mean?

SDN Top Contributor

Among the Top Contibutors List consecutively for two years 2007-2008 & 2008-2009 for SAP XI.

SCN Moderator

Moderator for SAP PI Forums/ Wikis/ Blogs

SDN/BPX Addict

The first thing in morning is to check my SDN/BPX status!!


BPX Beginner

Recently entered the BPX arena but thrilled to explore it.

Twitter beginner

A new BPX tweet

SCN Moderator's Meet at SAP TechEd 2010 Bangalore

I was lucky enough this time to get to SAP TechEd 2010 at Bangalore. I got opportunity to meet many people whom I had known by their names only. On 4th Dec, Marilyn and SCN team organized SCN Moderator's meet at the Community Networking Lounge more popularly knows as place with Coffee bar. :) After a brief casual discussion about Moderation, Marilyn arranged for a formal interview with some of the Moderators available during the meet. Here is the video now hosted at SAP Virtual TechEd website

Formal Interview

Meet SCN Moderators:

New SCN Jive platform: (on 21.10.2011)

BPX/SDN Contributions

Seeburger Blogs:


Blog on Suggestion



Technical Experience:
  • EDI with Seeburger Adapters Suite
  • ALE/Idocs 
  • SAP Business Connectors
  • Business Development Activities (RFPs, Solutioning)

What Else?? 

I am a fun loving person. Very Seriously fun loving. (smile)   If I don't enjoy it, I don't do it. With a lot of inconsistencies flying around IT world, I am one of those rare ones who unexpectedly like his job. Yeah, I am not joking. I really do.

Contact me:

Yahoo: prateek_6dec

Twitter: prateek_6dec

Gmail: prateek6dec


Cell: +1 647 921 xxxx - mail me :)

Best Time to Talk to Me -  06/12/1983 00:00:00 to 06/12/2083 23:59:59