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My Bio

My name is Rafael Cardenas Ortega, I born in Mexico city in 1970.

I have ten years of diversified experience in the field of software engineering with participation on the development of information systems. I worked in consulting companies (Microsoft and EDS), developing applications for Financial Sector and Government, using languages like C++, VB, C# and using data bases like Sybase and MS SQLServer. As a developer consultant in Microsoft I improve my skills for lead web projects and integrate Microsoft applications and products with SAP solutions.

Actually I work for Pemex, the oil and gas goverment company in my country. 

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My Team
  • I'm the project and technical leader of 3 developers. Together we develop and maintain the Portal platform of Pemex Gas.
    • Cristina Barrera. Experienced in DMS/SAP and Documentum platform.
    • Julio Saucedo. Experienced C# developer, with skills in SQL SErver and Oracle, and experienced in SAP modules like CRM, APO, and others.
    • Vicente Avila. COM and C# developer.
  • We work in an office that we call "Portal Team Soluction Center".
  • The Pemex Gas portals solution includes these: