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BPX / SDN Addict

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 Munich 2007



Am American working in Austria since 1991.

I  have been involved with SAP and NetWeaver for 4+ years.  Starting as an operations manager for an Enterprise Portal (V 5.0), I have since worked with a variety of internal and external customers as a developer, project manager and consultant focusing on NetWeaver projects.  My areas of expertise include Portal, Knowledge Management, Portal Integration and SSO, CAF and other Enterprise SOA related areas.

I am currently an SAP Mentor .

My main focus is currently ESME


Current Areas of Interest

Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0 as they relate to practical applications in the corporate environment.


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  1. Guest

    Hi Sir,

     We are planning to integrate our Enterprise portal with Web 2.0. Currently we are running Enterprise Portal 7.0 with SPS 16. To integrate with Web 2.0, we can also upgrade our EP to ehp0. Requesting you to share/suggest any useful documents regarding EP and Web 2.0.

     Looking forward to your kind help.

     Thanks and Regards,