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Rob got hooked on computers on a cold day in the winter of 1966/67 on a high school field trip to the University of Waterloo's computer science facility. Rather than doing the recommended exercises (in WatfIV - probably on an IBM 1620), he struck out on his own and attempted to create a list of trigonometric function values in increments of a fraction of a degree. He should just have bought a copy of the Chemical Rubber Company Tables

 After that adventure, and graduating high school, he attended a number of universities in about three different fields, but he always was more interested in computing (rather than say thermodynamics or social anthropology) and eventually graduated.Then he got married and had a family to feed.

A position in the Production Services department at the computation center at the University of Chicago became available. He got the job and worked with IBM JCL solving production issues for a number of years. He studied COBOL and was rewarded with a programming job at the U of C.

He later moved to Toronto and started working at the University of Toronto which was then PL/1 IMS shop - mainly the financial accounting side of things. After a dozen or so years of PL/1, the U of T decided to implement SAP Financials. Rob was responsible for extracting data from the legacy accounting system and updating SAP. This was a challenge, but ultimately worked out.

 Rob has been working mainly in FI/CO/FM with a few forays into the HR world since 1966.