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Who am I?

I am currently the National Service Line Lead for User Empowerment at PLAUT Australia. Prior to that I worked as a Senior Consultant for CSC based in Sydney Australia. With a background in science I started off as a graduate ABAP developer working for PriceWaterhouseCoopers in the UK and Ireland and was certified in ABAP on 4.6C. A couple of years later while working for PwC I started working with a product called the TopTier Portal at the BBC in London. It  was a Microsoft based portal technology that was subsequently bought by SAP and combined with their existing SAP Workplace product to become the first SAP Enterprise Portal 5.0. I have worked with all versions of the portal since and been involved with many large and complex SAP Implementations for customers in Europe, the US, Asia and Australia.
As you might have guessed my interests lie firmly in the "User Productivity" space - covering Portal, KM & Collaboration, Search, UI Technologies, RIAs and Mobile. They extend well beyond the SAP arena and I love to keep abreast of what is going on in the larger tech world. Combining innovation from both inside and outside of the SAP world to solve business problems is what I like to do - just because it's enterprise software doesn't mean it's boring! I enjoy working for companies willing to embrace new technology to enable their business to succeed.

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