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My Bio

I  am a SAP CRM Functional Consultant focusing on both the functional and technical aspects of SAP CRM for a chemical company.  I previously worked as a development consultant for a very large software company for several years.  My application areas of focus have ranged from HR to e-commerce(B2B sales) to trade promotion management to general CRM. 

My CRM background goes back to doing an ITS based internet sales project on CRM 2.0C back in Winter of 2001.  Since then I have worked on every CRM release except 40 SIE, 50, 51 and 7.0.   I consider myself a generalist, which means I don't know always the exact answer, but I know how to find the answer.

I currently support a CRM 7.0 system with about 250 active users.  In 2008 I conducted two CRM upgrade projects plus verification of a unicode/hardware migration. 

I have been on SDN/SCN since March of 2005 and occasionally active up until December 2008.  In December 2008 I began the eventual CRM 40 to CRM 52 to CRM 2007 upgrade project which increased my activity here.  In January of 2009, I became a moderator of the CRM forums, blogs and wiki on SCN.  I generally focus most of my effort on CRM WebClient UI forum, but have recently started hanging out again in the CRM General & Framework Forum.  In addition I'm working on project to port CRM forum knowledge to the wiki.  I'm targeting transfering anywhere from 2 to 5 threads a week depending on my schedule.  In June of 2009 I became a SAP mentor. 

I am the co-organizer of SAP Inside Track St. Louis 2010.