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Mein bemühen

What gives me pleasure, I learn.
Its been a year now, trying to understand and learn the cutting edge technology,SAP. Should say i have been fortunate enough to be introduced and provided with the oppertunity to learn and embrace this technology. Sometimes, i feel so lost with the multitude of character this technology deals with and the next moment i am brought back by the SDN.Thanks to the SAP Developer Network that has provided so much support.
Now coming to my areas of intrest...
at the outset i have been involved with the Enterprise Portal. Later my intrests shifted to WebDynPro and accidentally (not unfortunately!!!) i had been shifted to the Portal Administration team in our organisation. Later got intoxicated with the Composition Environment and Interactive Forms by Adobe in NetWeaver 7.0
Have been working on SAP MDM solution including SAP PI for the past 3 Yrs and so far so good...

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