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All SDN participants, Thanks for your Support and Reorganization, especially for Craig Cmehil, because he is the person always encourage the team and giving guide lines, suggestions for entire SDN Community. I wanted to see my name in # 1 position in over all 2008-2009 SDN Ranking, but because of my work I'm unable to respond for the questions which posting in Business Information Warehouse. At least I'm happy to see my name in 3rd position in Business Information Warehouse. Anyway thanks you.  Regards

Surendra Kumar Reddy. Koduru.


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  1. Guest

    Hi Surendra

    Thanks for posting the latest paper on Routine for DTP filter , I have a requirement of getting a year from system date in DTP filter routine which I have coded using your program/paper but when i try to run the DTP I am getting the following error , any help is appreciated. I didnt find any thread on this ,


    Incorrect initial value for characteristic 0FISCYEAR in i_t_range

    Message no. DBMAN889

    my ID is

    Thanks Kris