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Hello All, 

Ok, Lets Start....

      First of all, about me...well I am a newbie software developer from India, and i work for Patni Computers.. Prior to 28th Feb 2007, I knew very little about BSP, until I was given a project in BSP with a very esteemed client of ours, and here I was with nothing at reach except for the SDN...

To be frank, I joined in just to get a few snippetts and help my cause in the project, but then i realised, its not just about getting help...Its also about giving help....I started to realize the wonderfulness of such a beautiful technology called BSP, and what can be done in this is really amazing.....

We cracked a lot of thing in this project, which I will try an document here, if it can be of any help to even one person on the earth, then i would consider myself blessed.......

Thanks for visiting. (smile)(smile)(smile)(smile)


Tatvagna Shah.

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