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I am an SAP Mentor, enterprise architect and software developer working for AOK Systems, an SAP Special Expertise Partner for health insurance. My interests include software architecture, ABAP Objects and Java EE Programming as well as SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment, which are topics I cover in my blog on SCN. I have many private interests, too, such as comics, sushi, music, single malt, and my family, but I will spare you the details here.

Together with my colleague Tobias Trapp, I wrote the SAP Press book ABAP Objects: Application Development from Scratch. The original German version is called Anwendungsentwicklung mit ABAP Objects.

Developing completely new ABAP applications - separate from the SAP standard - represents a very challenging task even for experienced developers. To help you master this challenge, this comprehensive programming guide for ABAP Objects provides an overview of the overall software development process. It describes the basic principles of designing and implementing an application in ABAP Objects, and how you can ensure that the application remains extensible for customer processes and sufficiently flexible for further development. The book describes from scratch all process steps to be carried out during programming, and illustrates these steps with numerous code examples and screenshots.

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