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Ulrich was born in a small village in Germany close to the iron curtain. His first exposure to Computers came in Highschool, when he wrote his first programs (Assembler and Basic) for the "Commodore 64", one of the most famous Home Computers of the early 80s.
During his time at University he switched to Fortran, the Mathematician's choice for robust and performant programs. Unfortunately it's nowhere used within the SAP community... (sad)
After studying Mathematics and Physics and working as a resarch assistant for a while, he joined SAP in 1998. Since then he has been working on various "connectivity" and "integration" topics, i.e. toolkits for accessing SAP systems from within Java and C applications or via XML interfaces. This includes technical libraries like JCo and the RFC library, as well as the high level integration software SAP Business Connector, which serves as a "bridge" between the internet protocols http, ftp & smtp and the SAP protocols RFC & IDoc.

My favorite SDN-Topics
  • Connecting to SAP systems from Scripting languages 
My interesting Projects beyond SDN