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Hello, my name is Uri Lifshitz and I am an Infrastructure Ninja.
My other official title is the SAP Technical Services Manager for Xact-soft, I specialize in SAP connectivity & system integration mainly using SAP PI, I also teach SAP courses and perform database tunning and administration comando configurations.
I can be reached at for technical questions or to exchange recipes (I make excellent cupcakes).

Decide for youself: 
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My favorite SDN-Topics
  • SAP XI.
  • more SAP XI.
  • SAP PI (didn't expect that, didn't you?)
My interesting Projects beyond SDN

 What else?
Welcome to Uri's Page, where everyday is a friday (smile)
 Quote of the day:  "procrastination Is a harsh mistress"   

Interesting Bits I wrote: 

* Additional Tips for using XI as a huge file mover (with batch scripts).

Funny SAP issues:

* How to keep students interested in TBIT51.