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Web Search application using guided procedures

by Ameya Pimpalgaonkar


As we all know, SAP Guided Procedures is a framework for modeling and managing workflows using simple and user-friendly applications & tools. As a part of the Composite Application Framework, guided procedures enables access to multiple backend systems, consistently combining different types of services and applications into processes. In addition, GP supports collaboration, ad-hoc items, and offline task management using interactive forms. It provides role-based access to tools and resources and guidance through the workflows at runtime, thereby helping end users to easily identify and complete their tasks. This tutorial will explain the use of Web pages in GP, Here we will use web pages to search a specific term entered by user.

Starting With the application:

Logon to the portal using Admin credentials

Go to Guided Procedures à Design time

Create the folder in which you want to store your data. Now we will create the Callable object first so that we can test it immediately.
Go to Gallery and click on create callable object.

Provide the CO description and choose CO type as Web Pages.

Now you are done with the Basic Data.  

Define Object:

In object definition, we will provide the URL where you want to search your search term. We will enter SAP web site and search term will be "Guided Procedures".

Provide the base URL for e.g.  

Define Input:

In this step, we will define the input parameter as a search field.

Click on Insert new to insert new parameter. 
We will insert a parameter as Search Field.  

Set Configuration:

Here now we are done with defining Input parameter, now we will set the configuration for our object. 
Here your CO will be opened and now you can test it. 
Here the status of your object is inactive, so before testing you should activate this object.  
Now once you have activated this object, this is the time for test our object.

Click on Test tab on detail navigation screen & enter the term you want to search, we have entered "Guided


 Here you are with result!!!

A detail search result for parameter "Guided Procedure" is now displayed to the end user. 

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