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Name :- Chittya Ranjan Bej
Company :- Gems Techno solutions(an EDS Company)
 NWDI Configuration and Creation Trace
  1)     Configure Content Maintence in SLD.
2)     Configure Landscape Configator.
3)     Creating Trace.
4)     Import Trace.
5)     Configure portal server in NWDS
6)     Using Trace in NWDS.
7)     Creating Development Component
  1) Configure Content Maintence in SLD
Open url:-  http://host:port/sld
  Kindly follow Pic :-  Attachment 1
Click Content Maintence.
Delete unnecessary  file
Configure your SLD as below screen.
Pic :-  Attachment 2
Click Save
2) Configure Landscape Configrator
Open url http://host:port/devinf
Click Change Management Service.
Pic :-  Attachment 3  
Click Landscape  Logicator
Click Domain Data Tab
Update the CMS url http://host:port
Provide your Admin User
Provide your Admin Password
Update your SLD URL http://host:port/sld
Click Save Domain.
Click Update Domain.
Pic :-  Attachment 4
 3) Creating Trace
Click Trace Data Tab
Provide Trace Name and Description.
Provide URL for dtr http://host:port/dtr.
Update your CBD URL http://host:port/cbs.
Add SC and dependencies.
Click Save.
Pic :-  Attachment 5
4) Import Trace
* *Click Transport studio.
 Click Development Tab.
 Click Import Check.
 Click Import.
 *Pic :-  *Attachment 6
5)Configure portal server in NWDS.
             Open NWDS.
            Click Windows-> Preference->Java Development Infrastructure
            Click Development Configuration
             Provide the URL.
6)Using Trace in NWDS.
           Open NWDS
           Click Development Configuration Perspective.
           Loging Using Admin User ID.
Pic :-  Attachment 7
                Right Click on the Local DC and click Import Configuration.
Pic :-  Attachment 7.
Select remote.
Select your Development Configuration What you created.
Pic :-  Attachment 8.
Click Next and finish.
7)Creating Development Component
 After Import successfully then
 Right Click again and click Create new DC.
 Pic :-  Attachment 9.
                Assign the value
 Click next.
 Pic :-  Attachment 10.

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