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My Bio

An Israeli programmer, I studied the profession while serving in the army, at the legendary Mamram school. My original field was Multimedia programming, dealing with fun environments like Supercard and Macromedia director. My earlier work dealt mostly with computer games, educational programs, countless demos and some quality R&D work. This lasted throughout the 90's and into the WWW bubble.

After a two year hiatus where I worked at various jobs just to try them out (everything from journalism to accounting), I searched for a new direction as a programmer and moved to SAP, and ABAP in particular. Although it seems quite distant from my original field, they have some very interesting similarities (mostly in the thought process of development), which helped me resurface quite quickly in ABAP.

I currently lead a team of programmers, both experienced and new, as part of a programming company called Global Support. I've worked so far on several different projects and developments which required different approaches for the SAP team in general and the programming team in particular. I continue to try new tools and new approaches in order to gain a wide variety of experiences in the field.

I can be reached either through my company's e-mail:, or through my private e-mail:

Handy Hint

There's usually no need to invent the wheel. But if it becomes a must, try to keep it round

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