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Going On Stage

Welcome to the 'Stage', no this isn't a singing or dance contest but it is a talent contest. We are looking for the best content you in the community have to offer! The SCN Community wiki is comprised over almost hundred spaces based on various topics in the SAP Ecosystem and technology landscape, and we have a dedicated community of editors devoted to increasing the wealth of knowledge present in all of these areas. For those of you familiar with wiki environments you'll most likely have experienced one similar to ours in other areas by now, we have a "semi-closed" wiki meaning that selected community members have the ability to directly edit the content, however everyone has the ability to add comments and of course "Notify Moderator" when they see something they like or somethng that perhaps does not belong. The SAP Developer Network launched the wiki in October of 2006, and it was in the Autumn of 2007 we began to explore this model of wiki use. From that point until Spring of 2009 we began testing the model and running pilots and found a higher rate of adoption, higher standard of quality and are now pleased in the Summer of 2009 to fully launch our "Expert Wiki". If you wish to join the SCN Wiki Editors Community, giving you the ability to not only comment but to add your own content and show your expertise the process is quite easy - start generating your content here by clicking this link, over time as the moderators and other editors review and recognize your contributions you will eventually have the opportunity to be invited to become and editor yourself! One of our communities highest honors now!
Even if you are not looking to become an editor yourself but you still wish to share your expertise the process is the same, simply review these simple guidelines. Approved content will be assigned points and then moved by the moderator to the relevant space, pages that were not approved will be marked for 'review' and you can find the moderators comments on the page.
We recommend adding your new page to your favorites by marking the star on the right top of the page, the page will show in the favorite box on your "My Home" and you will be able to easily reach it in it's new location.

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