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You're wondering how SAP Technology can help you in your industry or line of business (LoB)? Then explore these wiki pages to find 100+ examples of how adopting SAP Technology solutions can leverage your business processes, or process steps.

Technology Adoption Use Cases - What You Can Expect

For each of the use cases documented here, you will find a description of a business problem specific for a certain industry or LoB, how SAP technology helps solving it, the business benefits that can be reaped by adopting the technology, and further resources for you to explore, such as Solution Briefs or value analyses.

Use Case of the Week

A critical issue in the Retail industry is how to plan promotions for millions of articles sold in hundreds of stores, based on customers' current behaviour. Learn here how SAP HANA solves this problem and how Retail business benefits from its Sales Analysis for Retail capabilities in real time.

Leverage the Community

If you are aware of a use case for SAP Technology adoption that is not yet documented here, just leave a comment on this page. The community is looking forward to learning from your experience.

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