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The MII product is very diverse in it's ability to connect to various systems but sometimes there is a need to expand this capability for a very specific application.  This section contains various custom development projects to accomodate niche markets and specific needs.
The ability to create and use custom actions in the MII environment greatly expands the uses of the business logic environment; for more information on how to create your own click here.  Or download the custom action development guide directly from the MII Custom Actions menu page for releases v12.0 and newer.  It is important to note that all of the v12.0 actions will work in v12.1 but not in v12.2 and all v12.1 actions will work in v12.2 due to Java v1.5 architectural changes to the custom action SDK.

Version Independent

Customize Default NULL values in your Illuminator XML - Sometimes when interfacing with other systems the SAP MII Default values for NULL values are not explicit enough.  This document will show you how to build an XSLT that will allow you control over your default NULL values.

MII 12.1 & 12.2

Custom Actions

  • Sybase ESP Publish Custom Action
    • The following custom action leverages the Sybase ESP Stream SDK for publishing data into a Sybase ESP Stream for additional analysis and event correlation by the ESP engine.  These actions leverage the Sybase ESP Java API for integration of MII data into an ESP Stream and are more efficient than using generic web services to interact with the stream.
  • File Runner Custom Action
    • The custom action block referenced in this document will allow you to execute a file on the MII server and pass command line arguments to this file. You have the option to run the file synchronously and asynchronously to the MII application.
  • SFTP Custom Actions
    • The custom action blocks referenced in this document are for providing the option of SFTP communication. They are based on the existing FTP actions and leverage open source JSCH library ( and the NetWeaver CE Keystore.
  • DataZip Custom Action
    • Blog provides the code and explains how to create a custom action in MII 12.1/12.2 for large data compression using GZIP compression library in Java.
  • JTA JDBC Custom Actions
    • The custom action blocks referenced in this document are for providing JTA access to any JDBC NetWeaver Datasource that supports commit and rollback functionality.  These are useful for maintaining data integrity and high performance for commands against a database.
  • BlackBerry Content Push Action
    • The custom action block referenced in this document provides the ability to push content to a mobile BlackBerry handheld device from the MII application.  This is useful when real-time notifications to people need to be sent for immediate attention and action.
  • Flat File Parser Action
    • This action block provides a highly flexible parser for creation of XML documents from any flat file; this action has been modified to work in 12.1 and supports the new custom action class definition in order to take advantage of the logic engine performance enhancements.

Custom Content

  • Interfacing MII and the dHTMLx Editable Grid
    • The following document will discuss in detail how to create a working interface from the dHTMLx Editable Grid to MII Query Templates. It also includes a sample project with a working example and content to illustrate how this interface can be achieved.

xMII 12.0

Custom Actions

  • Polynomial Regression Action
    • This action block will generate a polynomial fit line against the specified data set.  It uses the Java Matrix package supplied by NIST, details are included in the documentation.
  • Flat File Parser Action
    • This action block provides a highly flexible parser for creation of XML documents from any flat file.
  • NetWeaver JMS Queue Actions
    • These action blocks allow for the Create, Read, and Write of a NetWeaver JMS Queue.
  • PDF Document Actions - See note 1109054 to download
    • These action block allow you to create a PDF document from MII content in v12.0.2.
  • Enterprise Service Actions
    • Provides some high level functionality to the WebService and Post actions blocks (ie: HTTP request headers, Web Service reference document).
  • BlackBerry Push Action
    • Provides BES integration for notification and alerting of content to BlackBerry devices.

Custom Integration

  • xMII JDBC Driver
    • This allows for MII Query Templates to appear as tables in other applications (ie. Visual Composer, Business Intelligence).

xMII 11.5.x

Writing Custom Actions

Custom Actions

  • BlackBerry Push Action
    • Can push an icon and alert to any BlackBerry device via the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES).
  • Content Management Action
    • Uses the DocGet command to retrieve a document from the SAP Content Management System.
  • Enterprise Service Actions
    • These action blocks allow for custom HTTP Request Headers and the Enterprise Service allows to retrieve a reference document from a WSDL for XML manipulation, similar to the JCO Execute Function.


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    Hi Salvatore, 

    I'm very interested in Polynomial regression, but nor download is present neither page (link sends to JTA).

    Where can I get this custom action block? It'd be very useful to me.


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    1. Alessandro,

      Please just send me a mail and I will send you the source for the polynomial actions