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Guides & Guidelines

This section offers guidelines for modelers, building applications with MII. In order to optimize the lifecycle of your models and applications, multiple elements like naming conventions, localization, etc. have to be considered.

Best Practices & Strategy

SAP xMII 11.5 Best Practices Guide : xMII 11.5 best practices guide detailing tips, tricks and other xMII helpful do's and do-not's

SAP MII 12.X Best Practices Guide : MII 12.X best practices guide identifies approaches for the most flexible and best performing MII applications.

SAP Manufacturing Implementation Architecture: The purpose of this document is to explain the standard implementation practices for Manufacturing Integration & Intelligence, Manufacturing Execution, and Plant Connectivity. The specific focus is around why and how to use the various products provided by SAP and the technical & business features of how they co-exist with each other in your landscape for maximum ROI.

SAP SOA Current and Future Strategy in Mfg: This paper discusses SAP's current and future Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) strategy related to the SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (MII) and Plant Connectivity (PCo) products. This paper addresses how a service focused software environment can provide benefit for your business at both the Enterprise and Manufacturing level. It will also dive into the current and future manufacturing offerings to enhance the service integration capabilities of your existing manufacturing environment.

SAP MII Administration Handbook: This document discusses tools within MII and Netweaver for monitoring, max performance, and troubleshooting.  MII Administrators and developers should take a look at this document to solve common issues with their MII solution.

SAP MII Monitoring Services : This document describes in details some of the MII services that relate to monitoring.  It is meant to provide additional detail for the SAP MII Administration Handbook.

NWDI Integration

MII & NWDI Integration How-to and Best Practices:  This is a comprehensive overview of how to setup the integration between the SAP MII & NWDI products to properly manage your MII content development across your business.  Here are some other links that may help to explain NWDI:

MII Project Building and Deploying:  This paper outlines the steps necessary to build and deploy an MII project that exists within NWDI.

MII 12.2 Features and Functions

  • SAP MII 12.2 and Sybase SUP - This white paper shows how to build mobile KPI apps for smartphones on data collected from the shop floor by SAP Plant Connectivity (PCo) solution, processed by the SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (MII) solution, and finally transferred to mobile devices by the Sybase Unwired Platform. The reader will gain insight into integrating different SAP solutions for manufacturing industries as well as enterprise mobility with the end objective of building industry-specific mobile apps for the on-the-go decision makers.
  • Examples 12.2 project - The purpose of this content is to provide working examples and detailed documentation explaining the new features of MII 12.2 and how they can be utilized to improve your MII Composite Applications.  It is targeted for both beginners and advanced MII users and it is highly recommended that you understand all of the examples before building new applications with MII 12.2.  The MII 12.2 content referenced in this document can be downloaded from here.
  • Value Mapping with MII 12.2 - How many times do we create mapping tables to convert Material Number, Equipment Number, etc. from the Shop Floor representation to the ERP representation and vice versa while creating MII Applications? How many times to need to pad or remove leading zeroes to such numbers so that they will work in ERP? The answer to this would million or zillion!  In SAP MII 12.2 a new functionality called “Value Mapping” is added. This document will explain how Value Mapping can help solve this eternal problem.

MII 12.1 & 12.0 Performance Testing

Executive Summary of the Performance Tests (PDF)*:* A high level overview of the hardware involved along with configuration of each scenario and a summary of the measured results from each test.

Performance Analysis Summary (PDF)*:* This is a summary of each of the performance tests along with a detailed analysis of the results of each test.

Raw Performance Monitor Logs (ZIP)*:* This is an archive of the raw data that was collected from each of the tests along with two Excel files that help to display the data for analysis.

MII v12.0 Installation

SAP MII v12.0 Installation and Configuration Guide: This guide will walk you through the installation of NetWeaver with a high degree of detail for your Manufacturing environment.  It includes a Solution Manager, Rapid, Custom AS Java, and High Availability Installs along with pre and post installation considerations.  It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you read this document before you architect your SAP Manufacturing software solution.

MII Documentation

SAP xMII 11.5 Help Guide: This is the official help documentation relating to version 11.5 of SAP xMII.

SAP MII 12.0 Help Guide: This is the official help documentation relating to version 12.0 of SAP MII.

SAP MII 12.0 Installation & Upgrade Guides : MII 12.0 related guides on the Market Place

Manufacturing Guides

SAP Manufacturing Strategy and Roll-out

BPX - Manufacturing

Improving the User Experience (UX) of SAP MII Applications : This paper presents common usability mistakes for SAP MII applications and provides usability tips for improving SAP MII applications. 

Partner Guides

Partner Portal:

Direct link to the MII Playbook:

Integration Guides

How to Configure MII Pages for Mobile Devices:  This guide will outline the steps necessary to present MII content on a mobile device through the use of the ChartServlet, SVG Images, and basic HTML forms.

How To Integration MII with Visual Composer (MII Versions 11-12)  : This guide will provide a general How-To on integration of MII with SAP's Visual Composer visualization and reporting tool.

How To Integrate xMII with Web Dynpro Java: This guide will provide a general How-To on integration of xMII with SAP's Web Dynpro Java development tool. Applicable versions of xMII include 11.0-11.5.

Supporting SAP XI in xMII 11.5: This guide provides a How-To complete with sample transactions and templates on integration of xMII with SAP's XI middleware. The guide was written for xMII 11.5 SR2.

Integrating MII 12.0 with SAP ERP and SAP Netweaver PI(Process Integration) This article aims at providing a combined solution, in which SAP MII handles the integration with SAP ERP system and SAP NetWeaver PI (Process Integration).

How To Integrate SAP MII with SAP ERP : This weblog lists down all the different methods available for SAP ERP-SAP MII communication and explains each of them with their corresponding technical details.

Configuration Guides

How to Configure XMII 11.5.1 Build 63 and IIS 6.0 for https: This paper outlines the process of configuring SAP xMII 11.5.1 Build 63 and IIS 6.0 for https.

Setting up Single Sign On between xMII and Enterprise Portal: This paper outlines the process of configuring Single Sign On between SAP xMII 11.5 and Enterprise Portal.

How to Configure MII 12.0.3 Build 107 for HTTPS: This paper outlines the process of configuring SAP MII 12.0.3 Build 107 for HTTPS.

Personalization: Creating a Customized Theme for MII: This article will explain how to create a customized theme within MII, allowing each user/role to have a unique and customized user experience.

Migration and Upgrade

Migrate/Upgrade to MII 12.x:  This paper explains the different paths for upgrading or migrating your MII environment to the 12.x version.

Upgrade Guide: This guide introduces you to the Migration Tool and explains how it works.  It is used for the migration of 11.5  content to a 12.x system.