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Modeling Templates & Composite Design

The section contains a wide array of MII integration and design templates to achieve various standardized integration functionality or to illustrate a common/useful MII design techniques.

MII 12.2 Sample Applications & Content

  • Condition Based Maintenance (RDS) - SAP Condition-Based Maintenance enables your organization to implement a condition-based maintenance (CBM) strategy based on the real-time assessment of assets and equipment conditions obtained from embedded sensors and/or external tests and measurements. This improves upon the more traditional time-based or counter-based maintenance strategy by automating maintenance work orders and minimizing risks of catastrophic asset failure. The solution enables your organization to quickly realize this strategy, increase return-on-assets, improve manufacturing quality and reduce maintenance costs. This flexible and scalable solution is designed to growwith, and meet your organization’s specific business requirements. Here is an overview Video to help explain the scenario in more detail.
  • Asset Visibility - (Works for MII 12.2 deployed on both NW CE 7.30 & 7.11) - The purpose of this document is to explain how the MII based Asset Visibility composite application is designed and how it can be utilized to present equipment status information.  The design of this application allows end-users to retrieve tag-based data on a web report via a drag and drop interface.  User defined reports can be created to display asset status and are viewable on either their PC or Mobile device web browsers. 
  • Production Cockpit - The purpose of this document is to explain how the MII based Production Cockpit composite application is designed and how it can be adapted to quickly provide a landing page for live production information. The design of this application takes into account the necessity to retrieve data for Metric/KPI calculation from multiple sources and report it efficiently to both PC and Mobile device web browsers.
  • Examples 12.2 project - The purpose of this content is to provide working examples and detailed documentation explaining the new features of MII 12.2 and how they can be utilized to improve your MII Composite Applications.  It is targeted for both beginners and advanced MII users and it is highly recommended that you understand all of the examples before building new applications with MII 12.2.  The MII 12.2 content referenced in this document can be downloaded from here.

MII 12.1 Sample Applications & Content

  • Line Performance Monitor - The purpose of this application is to provide visibility into machine performance and status information in a simple and easy to use navigation screen. The Line Performance Monitor application provides a web based interface that rolls up status information and colors of resource statuses within the SAP ME maintained work center hierarchy. You will need SAP ME and a development license of MII in order to use this application.  For more information see the SAP ME forum:
  • Production Planning & Execution - This is a free scenario description for the Manufacturing Network Planning and Execution Value Scenario and consists of two MII components: Production Planning & Execution (PP Integration) and Resource Status Notification (PM Integration).  Example content for this scenario can be downloaded from here:
  • MII for Batch Manufacturing - Quick link to the Download -> Manufacturing -> Batch Manufacturing. The free download of a joint effort between SAP and three partners includes installation and configuration documentation.  Though generally applicable to process oriented manufacturing, there are aspects which can be used for any type of manufacturing.  The UIs are built in the style of NetWeaver and include language localization for English and German.  Go to the link for more information.
  • Integrating MII with ERP QM - This article provides some insight on how to integrate your MII v12.1 software with the SAP ERP QM module via JCo. This will allow in-depth SPC material based inspection lot analysis for single and multiple inspections lots. This document provides both an overview of the process steps and screens along with detailed steps on how to build your content within MII and a pre-built example project of all of the content.
  • SAP MII Alert & KPI Management - Alert and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Management are central tasks in any Manufacturing execution environment. This article contains a framework, which provides the code and projects to manage these two tasks in a SAP MII installation. The user interface is built in Adobe Flex technology. The article will as well show you how to build your own similar Adobe Flex applications on top of SAP MII

MII 12.0 Sample Projects and Tools

MII ECC 2004 Template Downloads

  • Navigate to the SDN, (just for completeness)
  • Click on Downloads
  • On the download page, click on "for Manufacturing" in the lower right area of the page

xMII Composites (NW-CA-MFG)

MII Blogs


  1. Unknown User (gfpwl15)

    Would it be possible to get additional information on the Production Planning & Execution sample application similar to the Line Monitoring application?  I noticed there wasn't a Word document contained in the download for PP&E similar to what's included in the Line Monitoring download.

  2. The detailed content documentation for this scenario is contained in Solution Manager.