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How to view scheduled job history

Since in System Management Menu/ Scheduler, click the button 'View History', you can only view the most recent job history. In order to view more history, there are 3 ways:

  1. The job history is stored in the oracle table XMII_JOBHISTORY and in this table you can see the job logs from the beginning.
  2. There is the possibility to read the data just simply changing the transffering parameters while calling the page. Use the URL below to see the data, please change the parameteras for the time as you want.

http://<server>:<Port>/XMII/Illuminator?service=Scheduler&Mode=history&RowCount=1000&id=<Scheduler ID>&StartDate=07/24/2008%2000:00:00&EndDate=07/24/2008%2023:

3.    Create a transaction to read the history by using the HTML loader, and make the input parameters for star date/end date/scheduler ID.

Reset the JCO Proxy setting witht the help of following link:

For xMII 11.5:

For xMII 12.0:


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