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Tips and Tricks

This section contains techniques and tips for issues that may arise during implementation.

Developing ERP Interfaces

Developing for Mobile Devices

Business Logic Editor

  • JCO Itemset to xMII Rowset Conversion Utility
  • Recursive Function Calls with Business Logic Services
  • Dealing with Scientific Notation
    • Use number(stringreplace("4E+02", "E+", "E")) to eliminate the + (plus) sign that often comes back from BAPI responses so that the actual number is evaluated properly.  For values like "4E02" or "4E-02" you can simply use number(xxxx), but the number() function does not like the + sign and by eliminating it with the stringreplace() function the desired results are returned.
  • How to Handle Errors in SAP xMII Composite Applications : This document explains how to handle errors in Business Logic Transaction in SAP MII. It gives a detailed description and step-by-step guide on how the error can be traced in the BLS transaction and how it can be logged and displayed to the user.