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SAP xApp Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence 


SAP xApp Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence(SAP xMII) - Connects manufacturing with enterprise business processes, providing information to improve production performance

SAP xMII enables you to integrate your plant and enterprise systems and display integrated data to your employees.

You can use SAP xMII to view,measure, and compare the performance of plants and assets with different automation system infrastructures.

SAP xMII reduces the cost of synchronizing plant and enterprise business processes.

It ensures that all data that affects manufacturing is visible in real time - including information about orders, materials, equipment status, costs, and product quality.

So you have the visibility,responsiveness, and performance you need to succeed

SAP xApps are composite applications which can combine Web services and data from multiple systems.
The application architecture is defined by the SAP Composite Application Framework within the SAP NetWeaver platform. The framework includes the methodology, tools, and run-time environment to develop composite applications. It provides a consistent object model and allows developers to build composite applications with a rich user interface, which can access multiple other heterogeneous applications via services.

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