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Note : 1232170; 597727

Expert Empowerment session : Print Layout Designer:Date formatting/Inserting Linebreaks/Displaying Line Item numbers

In Hop Islands Company, the marketing documents hold additional information in a text line type and /or include subtotals.  This information is mandatory on the print out sent to their customers.

In the marketing documents, the type T denotes a text line for supplementary information. The type Σ  refers to subtotal line.

In order to print this document SAP Business One has several predefined templates, which already include these line types.
For example, in the UK localization, for Sales Orders, there are four templates available including the Pick List template. Each of these templates has the word (System) included in their description.

The amount of templates and their descriptions differs according to the document and the localization. For example, in Canada there are five templates per languages (English and French) plus the Pick List template in both languages.

As a base for their sales orders print out templates, the Hop Island Company can use either:

  1. The Order confirmation template (DIN)(System).

  2. Or the Order Master Template (System)

Using either of these templates, the preview of the print out displays the text rows and subtotals: