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We want to include an iview from one page to another page using FPM.
Business Package for MSS ERP 2005 release is based on FPM(Floor Plan Manager). Adding the iview directly to a page will not work as the object selections
of the team viewer will not be communicated to the iview.


We have some prerequisites:

  • Deploy Business Package for Self Service Admininstrator
  • Access to content administration role in Portal
  • Access to Self Service Administrator role in Portal

In this example we will cover how to include iview "General Information: Personal Data" in Compensation Information page.

In standard delivery we have following iviews in Compensation Information page.

Adding the iview directly to the compensation information will not work as the object selections of the team viewer (employee search iview) will not be communicated
to the Personal Data application.

Steps we need to adopt to enable the GeneralInfo_Personaldata iview to work with the Compensation Information Page.

1- You need to use the Floor Plan Manager to configure the application.
2- Use the Self Service Administrator Role for configuring the FPM application.
3- Need to add the FPM view "Personaldata " to the FPM application "Compensation Information"
  • Open SRVCONFIG folder using Self Service Administrator Role.
  • Under Employee Profiles folder you will get FPM application Compensation Information.
  • Click on next step. You can see all the views for FPM application Compensation Information.
  • Now open FPM views folder and left click on personal data view.Select Add FPM View to Perspective

4- Create an iview for the FPM Compensation Information application.
  • Open PCD using Content Administration role.
  • Follow following steps for creating iview;

5- Add the created iview to the Compensation Information page.