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You want to define a Custom Evaluation path for the employee selection in MSS and HR Admin.


Usually, managers can have access to employees not only from his Organisaton but different organisation.

The standard Evaluation path is an example to do so, But Usually it doesnt meet the requirements so as to enable different possibilities you can use the benefits of OADP.

You can use your custom evaluation paths and FM to get the employee according to the relantionship.

Please use OADP, Refer the documentation of it in

For example :

Check the IMG step
Integration with Other Components -> Business Packages/Functional Packages -> Manager Self-Service (mySap ERP) -> Object and Data Provider -> Organizational Structure Views ->  Group Organizational Structure Views.

MSS_TMV_EE is assigned to MSS_TMV_EE_ORG2 etc, etc  (MSS_TMV_EE is the standard delivered group for Select Process for Employees for HCM Processes and Forms.)

Note: this is the example of Team Calendar, each specific Iview has its own Organizational Structure views, and have been named intuitively according to the application.

And then
These organizational views are defined in IMG step: "Define Organizational Structure Views". They have the following Object selections:

MSS_TMV_EE_ORG2Organizational View:  MSS_TMV_EE_ORG2 - Employees from Organizational Structure

Object Selection:  MSS_TMV_EE_ORG2 - Employees in Org.Structure Up to Level 2

Group of Data Views: MSS_TMV_EE - Display
Then you have to check the IMG step: Object and Data Provider -> Object Provider -> Define Object selections:

Object Selection:  MSS_TMV_EE_ORG2 - Employees in Org.Structure Up to Level 2Select Rukes for Object Selection.

Rule for Root Objects: MSS_TMV_RULE1 -  Managed Organizational Units

Rules for Navigation Objects:  MSS_TMV_RULE3   Organizational Structure Up to Level 2

Rule for Target Objects: MSS_TMV_RULE4  - Employees of an Organizational Unit
Then you can check the rules for object selection: IMG Object provider -> Define Rules for Object selection:Object Selection Rule: MSS_TMV_RULE1 - Managed Organizational Units

Evaluation Path: SAP_MANG - Org. units managed by persons or users

or users >>> got from t77aw
Other examples:MSS_LTV_RULE1: evaluation path SAP_MANG >>> This has to be customised

Accordingly using T77aw

You can define your own view and your own function modules for the object selection. Check the IMG documentation and the SAP note 795248 for more information. There are templates for these function modules:

  • HRWPC_PATHROOTS (Function Module for Determining Root Objects).
  • HRWPC_EVAL_PATH (Function module for object set)

As an example you could look at the function module:


Please add more information in the comments field if you are not able to implement following this!

For Leave request Team calendar

Team calendar works on evaluation path to display the employees
Please check the table V_ptreq_team for Leave request which uses
ESS_LEA_EE and which in turn uses ESS_LEA_EE_DIR (V_TWPC_ORGVWGRP)

In this table you define different rules V_TWPC_OBJSEL
ESS_LEA_EE_DIR ESS_LEA_RULE1      ESS_LEA_RULE5 Absence: Direct Colleagu

This table you define the Evaluation path

 use the FM option in the Object Selection rules
"ESS_LEA_RULE1" and "ESS_LEA_RULE5" to determine the OrgUnit and the
employees of that Org Unit. In the Object Selection rule, you store the
name of the function module that can be used as opposed to the evaluatio
n path to determine the relevant objects. Depending on the type of rule,
you can use one of the following function modules as the basis for
creating a function module of your own:

o   Rules for determining root objects: HRWPC_PATHROOTS

o   Rules for determining navigation or target objects: HRWPC_ EVAL_PATH

or use this

View                                     ESSDIR
View Name                                ESS: Direct Employees
Eval. Path for Root Objects         SAP_MANG or ORGASS or WF_ORGUN
Function Module Root Objects
Evaluation Path Objects                  ORGASS
Function Module Object Set
Initial Evaluation Depth                 0

See Also

You can find documentation related to the OADP Object and Data Provided on the next link:

Here you can find a detailed explanation about the customizing and there is an example on the link:

Also check the customizing using report RHSTRU00.

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  1. Unknown User (98xzb1zc)

    Dear Siddharth.

    I created a Function module for get the user that is login in the portal  using the template HRWPC_PATHROOTS (Function Module for Determining Root Objects) in the firt rule

    and for the template function HRWPC_EVAL_PATH (Function module for object set) used in the second rule , I  use infotype 0001, in my  function module I check which employees are assigned to the Time admin based on the username.

    I am putting a break-point with my user for follow the step of the system, but this not stop.

    The system not know the employee in the list.

    I posted my question in the following link:

    How can solve my issue?