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Scala is a object-oriented and functional language which runs on the Java Virtual Machine. It has XML as a native part of the language, which makes web services really easy to do. Lift is the web framework being developed using Scala, which gives the power of a scripting language with the type-safety and performance of a compiled language. Lift makes it easy to do Comet applications, Comet being the next step on from Ajax. Where Ajax makes changes to the page as a result of a client request and server response, Comet works from the server side only - so for example, if an administrator sends a system message, a Comet-based web application can show that message on a user's screen instantly, without the need for the user to click anything.


What's Comet

The Scala Programming Language

The Lift Web Framework

Lift Demos - including Comet chat

DeveloperWorks: The busy Java developer's guide to Scala: Functional programming for the object oriented

DeveloperWorks:Scala and XML: XML Processing made easy

NetWeaver 7.0 Support
By NetWeaver 7.0, we mean JDK 1.4 and J2EE 1.3.

lift requires JDK 1.5 and Servlet 2.4 (part of J2EE 1.4) to run. Even if lift code is put through Retroweaver to get 1.4-compatible bytecode, it will still not work because it uses some ThreadLocal methods that only exist in Java 1.5.

Scala should run OK, as you can tell the scala compiler to generate 1.4 bytecode using -target:jvm-1.4 - but bear in mind that there are some compilation challenges when working with Java 1.4 collections classes, to do with them not being type-specific.

NetWeaver 7.1 Support
I have installed the J2EE-only version of NetWeaver CE 7.1. Using the \\usr\\sap\\CE1\\J00
deploy.bat script, I deployed the skittr war file to the app server. Then I had to use the browser-based NetWeaver Administrator tool to start the app, which could then be accessed via a browser at http://localhost:50000/skittr-example-0.9-SNAPSHOT/

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