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If you are wondering whether Portal Activity Report has certain functionality, then this page is for you.

 In general, Portal Activity report is an out-of-the-box solution for providing portal activity statistics from the stage of data collection, to the stage of generating reports. During portal usage the Portal Activity Report has a service that collects specific information from the rendered iViews and pages, and saves the information in the database. Every round hour, at the top of the hour, an aggregation process is running to aggregate all the relevant data. Whenever a report is needed, a content administrator can create a Portal Activity Report iView, and generate a report using this iView editor. After the required configuration is done, running this iView results with running queries on the database to retrieve the aggregated data, and display it in a table.

For a more flexible solution, you can use the Activity Data Collector. This feature is configurable, and allows deciding what content would be collected, and how it would be structured. The data gathered is saved on the file system in a file format that is also configurable. The data is a raw data that should be later on processed by the customer itself in order to produce reports, graphs etc.
More information can be found in the documentation:
Activity Data Collector

The out-of-the-box solution of Portal Activity Report is not flexible, and in general, what is documented is what you can get. Below are different examples that were taken from real customer questions that clarify this issue. (Most of them are possible in the Activity Data Collector)

  1. How can I add more information to collect/display in the reports?
    You cannot add more information that would be collected, and you cannot enhance the tables to display more data nor columns. The data collected is saved in the database in some predefined tables. Those tables are not flexible, and cannot be changed. According to those tables there are three types of report, and those are the only reports available.
    The only thing that can be done is to run queries directly on those tables, in order to generate customized reports. The tables are published as part of the documentation.
  2.  Can I get information about users that are currently using the portal?
    This is not possible. The data displayed in the reports first has to be aggregated. As explained before, the aggregation process runs every top of the hour. It means that the activity done in the current hour would be displayed only in the next hour.
  3. What is the resolution of the time displayed in the tables? Can I see the minute a user was activated?
    The resolution displayed in the tables for time is hour or higher (day, week etc.). You cannot configure it to display in a smaller resolution than hour, because this number is saved in the database. For example:
  4. How can I prevent from anonymous/guest users to be displayed in the reports?
    There is no such configuration in the Portal Activity Report itself. If those kinds of users can render iViews and pages in the portal, they would be displayed. Solutions to overcome this are by changing different portal configurations that are not related to Portal Activity report.
    See more information under:   How does the Portal Activity Report monitor anonymous users?
  5. How Do I know the online hours of a user from the moment he logged on until he logged off?
    You do not - The operations of logging on and off the portal are not part of the data being gathered. The information displayed is only whether a user rendered some iViews and pages in the portal on a certain hour or not.
  6.  Can I monitor the navigation flow of a user? Or on what the user clicked?
    No, this is not possible via Portal Activity Report nor by the Activity Data Collector.
  7. Can I configure the aggregation? For example: Change the time of configuration?
    There is no possibility to change the aggregation process in any way.
  8. Is changing the time according to local GMT possible?
    No. The data is collected and saved in the database in GMT time, and the reports are displaying the data the same way it is saved in the tables. As the data is collected and saved in GMT, this is what would be displayed in the reports. This concept is done in order to overcome time differences, and have a unified landscape and information over clusters and databases that are located on different time zones.
  9. What type of content is supported? Does it gather KM content statistics?
    The Activity Report gathers statistics only on PRT iViews and pages, and WebDynpro iViews and pages. KM content can be gathered only by the Activity data Collector. Regarding other portal components such as Roles, Worksets etc., those are not gathered by Portal Activity Report nor by the Activity Data Collector. That is true also for content inside iViews that is rendered on a different system than the portal (backend system).
  10. Can I gather Viewer IDs on iViews?
    No. Viewer IDs can be gathered only on pages. More information about it can be found under: FAQ’s - Portal Activity Report Functionality
  11. Can I have a report on services used in the portal or visited by users?
    Portal services are not being monitored by Portal Activity Report nor by the Activity Data Collector.
  12. Can I move/edit/remove or add columns/attributes in Activity Reports ? 
    No, customizing the actiity reports is NOT supported and we would recommend to use the activity data collector if you require a custom report with custom attributes.

For more questions related to the functionality of Portal Activity Report refer to:

FAQ’s - Portal Activity Report Functionality  

Author(s):  Michal Zilcha Lang  - Portal IMS Group - SAP Labs Israel     

                   Herman Lin -              Portal Product Support Group - SAP China            

                   Priyanka Jain -           Portal Product Support Group - SAP Labs India

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