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SSO2 Cookie is destroyed upon closing the CRM window when launched from Portal

Let’s say that you have integrated SAP CRM 7.0 to launch from within SAP NetWeaver Portal in a separate browser window. SSO is configured. When you close the CRM window, and try to access another application from with the Portal, you are prompted for login credentials since SSO2 cookie is destroyed.

There are two way to approach this issue; first we can check the customizing and second by code changes.


  • Logon to SAPGUI and execute transaction spro
  • SAP Reference IMG -> Customer Relationship Management -> UI Framework -> Technical Role Definition -> Define Technical Profile -> select the Technical Profile in question (we will use DEFAULT in this example using Business Role SALESPRO) and click on the magnifying glass


  • From the screenshot below, you can see that Enforce Logoff and End Session Immediately are checked.


  • Uncheck Enforce Logoff and End Session Immediately (at least End Session Immediately should be unchecked). Save and retest.
  •  If the issue persists, take a look at Note 1353456 which describes the only way SAP supports CRM being launched from the Portal. Because this is the only way that CRM knows that it runs in the Portal and will remove the Logoff link. You can change the coding to test if it is actually CRM that is deleting the SSO2 cookie. The place to change that is at:

                                                                               BSP CRM_UI_START/crmuifServer.js.

     Comment every call of delSso2Cookie. Or simply comment the implementation of that function.

Please keep in mind that the above code changes are modification of the SAP code, so it can be overwritten in subsequent SAP deliveries.