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The Security & Trust research practice investigates solutions for the technical challenges imposed by securing open and adaptive business solutions. Our goals are to ensure security quality of software and services through systematic and rigorous engineering, to provide innovative solutions for the security challenges in business networks, and to act as a trusted security advisor for the company.

We are addressing six key research areas through various research projects:

  1. Security Engineering: addressing the rigorous application of state of the art research and best practice engineering skills in the development of new security solutions or supports secure development in general.
  2. Security Technology: focusing on enabling technologies for secure business solutions: algorithms, protocols and services.
  3. Security Economics: investigating economic principles with respect to the application and usage of security solutions in an enterprise context.
  4. Secure Business Context: addressing the security requirements of business processes and objects as well as end-user operations.
  5. Security Expert Work
  6. Trusted Collaboration: addressing requirements and solutions in collaboration scenarios between partners from different trust domains.


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