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Usually we access the HRFORMS payslip by the tcode HRFORMS after execution of the live payroll. In simulation mode the payslip we see is the PE51 payslip by SAP standard setting. The settings for the payslip in payroll driver  are customizable and can be change to HRFORMS payslip.


Company:     iGATE global solution
Created on:    2nd May 2011
Author(s) Bio:
After being around 4 yr with SAP Labs India as techno functional, Praveen moved to the role of HCM functional consultant. Have experience in India PY, PA, ESS, Benefits and some other countries master data setup alongwith some exposure of US payroll.

Content :  

There are 3 steps required to change the remuneration statement (PE51 payslip) to HRFORMs in payroll driver screen -

1. Create the variant for the HRFORMS -
    a. Goto tcode HRFORMS.
    b. Select the country specific hrforms for payslip. Execute the form (Short key F8).
    c.  Now put all the required parameter on the selection screen.
    d. Save the variant for the same.

2. Change the variant for the CEDT application -
    a. Goto tcode SM30 and enter view V_T52OCV.
     b. Enter the country grouping as input and goto change mode.
    c. Change the entry with application CEDT like below mentioned example -
Before change -






HINCEDT0 variant

* HINCEDT0 is remuneration form report specific to India for an example. Entry may vary based on the country you are using.

After Change -





<HRFORMS program name>

HRFORMS variant

3. Modify the feature PBCHO to change the reference from PE51 payslip to HRFORMS in Payroll driver selection screen -
Modify the return value of feature for your country grouping from '10' to '01'. Save and activate the same.

Now when you will execute the payroll driver reference of the payslip will be changed from PE51 designed payslip to HRFORMs.