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This page gives tips and tricks regarding the wdeploy tool delivered with BI4.0, this tool is used to deploy the BI4 web applications to various web application servers.

Reading the official documentation is highly recommended (see the Web Application Deployment Guide in the BI4 documentation)

Generalities about wdeploy architecture

wdeploy GUI tool

The wdeploy tool is quite simple and its documentation complete, please refer to it. > Installation, Upgrade & Deployment > Web Applications Deployment Guide

wdeploy command line tool

What can the command line do that the GUI can't

predeploy, deploy specifc apps only, prepare http static content only package, NW Java AS 7.3 is supported on the command line only, Apache (for static content of the webapps) is supported on the command line only.

wdeploy --help is your best friend

Deploying BOE without the CMC

Edit wdeploy.conf in [BI4 INSTALL PATH]/SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0/wdeploy/conf and set property disable_CmcApp to true.
Then return the wdeploy tool (GUI or command line) with the options you like.

Deploying html static content to pure web server

Pure web server is a web server that serves static html content (Apache is the classic one, the trendy one at the moment is nginx).

To prepare static content you need to run wdeploy on the command line using apache as the webapp server.
Have a look at the [BI4 INSTALL PATH]/SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0/wdeploy/conf/config.apache file.

Recommended steps

  1. Using the BI4 installer, install the BI4 web tier on the machine hosting the webapp server.
  2. Patch this installation up to your required patch level.
  3. Then deploy to web app server using wdeploy GUI or command line.

Notes regarding deployment to SAP NW Java AS 7.3

SAP NW Java AS 7.3 is supported from and only from BI 4.0 SP01 patch 01.
Maximal heap size of SAP NW Java AS Java VM shall be at least 4GB for a successfull deployment.

In order to launch the "configtool" application, go to usr/sap/<SID>/ABC/j2ee/configtool and launch or configtool.bat (in our case we added 6GB - ABC is the our instance folder)

Preparing the webapps

You have to at least update the file located in [BI4 install path]/SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0/wdeploy/SLDSupport/NWSLD/BOE for the BOE webapp, same thing apply for the other webapps.
The name and scn parameters in this file have to be the same, it is recommended to set the verstion parameters to the correct values (counter to 4.0 (BI4 RTM), servicelevel to 1 (SP01), patchlevel to 1 (SP01 Patch 1)).

For instance here is my SAP_metadata file for the BOE webapp :


You can also change the web.xml file etc...

Predeploying using wdeploy

wdeploy doesn't support doing the full deployment to NW Java as 7.3, use the wdeploy command line tool to do the predeployment only with : sapappsvr73 -DAPP=BOE predeploy

for instance (here we predeploy only BOE webapp) (" sapappsvr73 predeployall" to prepare everything)

 The wdeploy will create a .sca file.

Deploying using JSPM

  1. Then copy the generated sca file (in [BI4 install path]/SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0/wdeploy/workdir/sapappsvr73/application) to /usr/sap/trans/EPS/in .
  2. Then use the JSPM tool (start it from /usr/sap/<SID>/ABC/j2ee/JSPM/ with go.bat or
    1. Logon to the NW Java WAS 7.3.
    2. Click "New Deployment" button
    3. Choose "New Software Component" the tool will scan the /usr/sap/trans/EPS/in folder.
    4. Click "Next" button
    5. Select the BOE webapp, then click "Start". The deployment(s) will commence.

Note: displayed version is not correct, to have it display correct version, before running wdeploy, you have to update the file located in [BI4 install path]/SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0/wdeploy/SLDSupport/NWSLD/BOE for the BOE webapp, same thing apply for the other webapps.
Note that the name and scn parameters in this file have to be the same.

Note: there is no undeploy option with JSPM, when upgrading your BOE, after the installers finish patching, you need to re predeploy, recopy the sca file and rerun JSPM, it will then overwrite the previous version, customizations, if any, will be merged in the new version.

How to undeploy the BOE

Under /usr/sap/<SID>/ABC/j2ee/console  (where ABC is the our instance folder)

In order to launch the "textconsole" application, go to usr/sap/<SID>/ABC/j2ee/console and launch or textconsole.bat 

Check that your application was already deployed : list_app

And type the following command :

  • undeploy name=BOEWEBAPPJAVA on_deploy_error=stop       (Where BOEWEBAPPJAVA is the name of our BOE application)

How to force JSPM to deploy over already deployed BOE

It might happen that JSPM does not want to deploy over and existing deployment of BOE, to force it to do so :
Just go to JSPM config file (in /usr/sap/<SID>/ABC/j2ee/JSPM/param/ folder), edit jspm_config.txt

To make deployment in force mode, add the lines:


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  1. Former Member

    Hi All,

    Any ideas of how long a JSPM deployment of BOEWEBAPPJAVA should take? A collegue of mine has had it running for over nine hours...seems a bit excessive.



  2. Yes, 9 hours is a bit above the average, I would say. In my systems it takes approx. 20 minutes.

  3. Former Member

    Thanks  Lionel for sharing.
    It took 43 min for BOE only in my case.  Could you please tell , what could  be the effect of force upload on existing deployed
    BOE  component
    Regards ,
  4. Former Member


    I am upgading from 4.0.06 to 4.1 I have copied the SCA files accross to the netweaver java portal eps/in folder  but when I run the jspm and select "New software components" it does not pick anything up... any suggestions?

  5. Hi Fernandez


    If you're upgrading the web apps, you should not select "New Software Components", but "Single Support Packages and Patches".


    Best regards,



    1. Former Member

      Hi ,

            I have chosen " Single Support Package and Patches option" as well with same effect.. in the logs of the tool it shows the below.

      [warning]: Delivery unit with version located in \\******\sapmnt\trans\EPS\in\ is not a valid update for component with version

      same error with,, and




      1. Former Member

        Hi  Fernandez ,

        Were you able to deploy updated components in  other env also ( sandbox ,dev )  with above strategy. As far as i have tested , we undeploy  first  already installed boe components on the  NW first & then deploy the fresh sca file as new s/w components.

        Regards ,


  6. Former Member



           I am only doing this in the sandpit environment I tested a patch upgrade from 4.01 to 4.06 and JSPM was able to pick up SCA files .. I am using netweaver 7.3 so I cannot use JSPM to undeploy.



  7. Former Member

    Hi  Fernandez , 

    You can follow steps suggested by Lionel to undeploy , once done , restart  NW java & check if there is any folder with name BOEWEBAPPJAVA in  < nw installation drive>:\usr\sap\<SID>\<inst>\j2ee\cluster\apps\  , if present  rename / move that folder & do a fresh deployment.

    Regards ,



    1. Former Member

      Hi Guys,

                     Thanks for the feedback, I un-deployed the BO web components as per ducumentation above once that was done I restarted the portal instance and checked if the folders were in the \j2ee\cluster\apps\ (they were not).

      I then used JSPM again with "New Software components" and it picked up my 7 SCA files and I was able to deploy it.

      So it looks like going from BO 4.0 to 4.1 the step to un-deploy the 4.0 webcomponents is necessary in my case.

      Thanks again for the feedback.