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At many times while you refer SAP Note, you tend to get program names. And we wonder whether these programs have any standard TCode or transaction. Easily way out would be take help of technical consultant for ABAP and create 'Z' Transaction code (TCode) for the program.

But, these thoughts got intensify and struck to me after I posted my previous weblog

Where I have mentioned few of the Standard programs for credit management.

Thoughts in mind

If theses program have some standard transcations codes?
If yes?
How to look for them?

Step to achieve the result

Therefore, I followed following steps for achieving desired result.

Now, to get/find existing transaction code TCode for program |RFDKLI10|Customers with Missing Credit Data.|

Step 1:

Use TCode SE38.

Step 2:

Provide program as RFDKLI10.

Step 3:

Go for Where-use list.

To do this either click on following button.

Or click follows the following path in through menu bar.

Or press Ctrl + Shift + F3 from your keyboard.

Step 4:

Select Transaction indicator, and uncheck default indicator like programs, classes & web dynpro.

And press enter.

Step 5:

Check the result.

Step 6:

Lets validation it. To validate result from Step 5, try either of following TCode for

Program RFDKLI10

Customers with Missing Credit Data.




Use TCode S_ALR_87009992 in Easy Access

Other Examples

Reset Credit Limit for Customers






Credit Overview








1 Comment

  1. Hi JP,

    I thought, using TSTC table, we can find T-codes pertaining to a program.  But in this case, S_ALR_87009998 is not tagged to RFDKLI20 in the transaction.  Can you please let me know the reason?


    P Gomatheeswaran