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  • Be part of the Beta trial over the month of February:  see bottom of this page and the dedicated wiki page: "Ajax weaver" Beta trial 
  • AjaxWeaver won the demo jam at TECHED Berlin on October 14, 2008 - with partner CERNUM from Belgium


AjaxWeaver makes it possible to create applications and run them on most mass-market browsers in a matter of minutes.

AjaxWeaver provides a platform for composing and consuming mobile Ajax applications built on top of Enterprise SOA web services, or third-party web services.  It allows to quickly mashup situational apps without doing any manual coding, in a drag-and-drop fashion.  Savvy developers have also the possibility to add custom code and styles. 

This is most spectacular when building applications for mobile devices.  The resulting mobile web applications are occasionally disconnected, asynchronous, supportive of push mode, and integrated with enterprise services (SOAP and RESTful services). The mobile applications are composed visually and can be built by business users or web developers alike.

The video provided at the bottom of this page shows some basic capabilities of the composer.  It demonstrates how easy it is to build and consume MobileWeaver Ajax apps.  The second video is a sample application as it would look on your iPhone. 

Make sure to contact us and send comments!


This technology is envisioned for customers who are struggling to enable mobile access to their enterprise apps in an easy, fast and TCO-conscious manner. This technology could be added to existing mobile Portals or other mobile web application as well as being used separately.
The technology leverages existing web standards (Http, xHtml, XML, CSS, DOM, etc.) and the asynchronous nature of XmlHttpRequest to manage communications making it possible to optimize the message exchange between the browser and the server. Many proven open source and industrial scale frameworks already exist in the desktop market. Their capabilities range from a simple JavaScript API to a complete framework covering all web applications development angles, e.g., Enterprise service integration, UI widgets, offline mode, and push mode. Mobile Ajax applications will benefit from the network stack convergence (e.g. WiFi, EDGE, GPRS, 3G, WiMax), the new and affordable data subscription plans, and the processing capabilities of the new mobile browsers (e.g., Opera, iPhone's Safari, Nokia 60 series, Mobile IE, Minimo).


AjaxWeaver highlights how companies can quickly expose their enterprise services and let their customers consume them without the need for any additional middleware, neither on the smart-phones nor at the backend. By using new Web 2.0 techniques, AjaxWeaver implements a very lightweight and portable architecture that relies on the power of mobile browsers to provide advanced UI, client side processing and service integration capabilities without any installation on the device and any dependency on the carriers.
The framework is attractive specifically to companies who need rapid and inexpensive mobile enablement of their businesses. To them, AjaxWeaver provides a simple and very lightweight eSOA consumption model.
For more information and to communicate your ideas and feedback, please see the download's wiki page or contact Louenas Hamdi at louenas.hamdi@  Your comments will help us propagate this research project into an SAP product!

And now: become a partner

The Research group in Montreal who developed AjaxWeaver and is now pushing its boundaries is looking for partners:

  • Beta partner: Commit 1 man-month of effort, understand the framework, define and develop your own application with support from the research group and from User experience experts -all over the month of February 2009.  See the wiki page of the on-going Beta trial at "Ajax weaver" Beta trial wiki page.

For partnerships contact


  1. Anonymous


    Very impressive, if short demo. 

    The ability to provide mobile field access, in remote and inhospitable environments is a key need. The ability to cater for both on-line and disconnected sessions, via a lightweight, open service standard framework would be nirvana. The only other obstacle is making the mobile devices also rugged enough so they don't break, and are not easily lost.

    Cheers, Phil Gleadhill

    BHP Billiton

    Worlds largest diversified Resources Company 

  2. Guest

    Hm, and where is demo video ? o_0

  3. Former Member


    So,. where I get the Ajax Composition PLattform, by I work this thechnology with SAP ?

    Thank you and regards.

    Dario Rodriguez