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x_cons <database_name> show total

Displays total counter statistics regarding some statistic counters.

Total counter statistics:

total_disp_calls    : 950099948             total_task_switches : 62418302
total_commands      : 2803785   
total_state_vwait   : 0                     total_state_vsuspend: 7309816
total_state_vsleep  : 103178    
total_self_io       : 1341990               total_dev_io        : 25919361
total_region_access : 3973473637            total_region_wait   : 1458
total_region_coll   : 1860588577
total_self_susp_cnt : 10116                 total_self_susp_nice: 553
total_nice_calls    : 893                   total_nice_other    : 714
total_renice_calls  : 539       
total_sym_res_locks : 0                     total_same_ukt_coll : 18
  • total_disp_calls: Total number of dispatcher calls
  • total_commands: Total number of commands issued
  • total_state_vwait: Total number of waits on SQL Locks
  • total_state_vsuspend: Total number of suspends
  • total_state_vsleep: Total number of sleeps
  • total_self_io: Total number of UKT self I/O
  • total_dev_io: Total number of I/Os done by I/O threads
  • total_region_access: Total number of region accesses.
  • total_region_coll: Total number of region collisions.
  • total_region_wait: Total number of waits in the wait queue since the task couldn't get the ownership of the queue.
  • total_sym_res_locks: Total number of locks used to load the symbol information of executable, which is used for code dump
  • total_task_switches: Total number of task switches
  • total_self_susp_nice: Total number of self_susp_nice. The value of self_susp_nice is increased when a task gives up the control to another prioritized task in the same scheduler.
  • total_nice_calls: Total number of nice calls. Nice call is usued to adjust the priority of a task.
  • total_nice_other: Total number of foreign nice
  • total_renice_calls: Total number of renice calls. If a task tries to adjust the priority of another task which is already in running or ready to run state, then the renice count is increased.
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