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SAP POS DM (SAP Point-of-Sale Data Management)

Precise POS data management can help you reduce your inventory carrying costs and gain critical insight into customer buying patterns and behavior.

The SAP for Retail solution portfolio supports with a cost effective, comprehensive Pos data management solution that enables "trickle-feed" processing. Cash register sales data from individual store locations can be transmitted to back-office systems on a regular basis throughout the business day. This application is called POS DM.

With POS DM you

  • can cleanse and audit your Pont-of-Sales transactions
  • can see which products sell the strongest in all of its regions
  • gauge price sensitivity across different markets or different areas within the market
  • evaluate the effectiveness of promotions
  • compare and contrasts how products sell when they are promoted versus being sold at everyday prices

Sales data is uploaded in a predefined cycle and mapped in such a way that it can be processed by SAP POS DM. The data is then aggregated and passed from POS DM to SAP Retail and SAP NetWeaver uo to the last transaction. POS DM enables rapid inbound processing with regard to master data and duplicate checks.

POS DM does not, however, simply forward data but rather prepares it especially for subsequent processing. The preparatory work includes data cleansing, that is, improving the data quality by eradicating simple errors such as incorrect article references. At this stage already, data can be aggregated for high performance further processing. The SAP POS Data Management application is based on the SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence Solution.

Data is received either as an IDoc or in XML or BAPI format. SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (PI) can also play a part in converting the data, when it is utilized for the POS conversion. Sales and receipt data can be transmitted in an XML format derived from the data model of the Association for Retail Technology Standards (ARTS). This data is then converted and transmitted to SAP POS DM, where it is made available to back-end solutions for operational requirements.

The transmitted sales data is relevant for the following functions:

  • Providing POS data to SAP Netweaver BI
  • Providing POS data to the POS interface, inbound in SAP Retail
  • Providing POS data to a variety of applications for multiple purposes, e.g. to SAP Forecasting and Replenishment

Note: For brevity, the SAP Service Marketplace will be referred to as SMP. Special login details are required to access documents on SMP.

Getting Started with SAP POS DM

  • Store Connectivity in the Solution Map for Retail  (Retail -> Shopper Experience -> Store Operations -> Store Connectivity)
  • SAP POS Data Management: Want a good start to inform yourself about SAP POS DM? Then this document is for you.
  • Manage POS Data: SAP NetWeaver and SAP POS Data Management: This technical brief gives you a first insight of the interplay between SAP POS DM and SAP NetWeaver by demonstrating the high-volume, cost-effective POS Data Processing Capabilities with SAP NetWeaver PI (formerly known as XI).
  • Business Scenario - Look no further for an overview of Store Connectivity process flow in the SAP Library.

Run SAP for Retail - Best Practices for Solution Operations

For retailer's global end-to-end solutions with typically high data volumes, an optimized operational concept is key for lowering operating costs, proactively avoiding incidents, ensuring a stable system performance and enabling growth and innovation. "Run SAP for Retail" provides Best Practices for Solution Operations helping you to set up an operational concept for Retail solutions like SAP Enteprise POS. Find more information on "Run SAP for Retail" on the wiki page "Run SAP For Retail- Retail specific Best Practices for Solution Opertaions".

  • Manage Operations for SAP for Retail: POS Inbound (SMP credentials required) - This Best Practice helps you set up a Business Process Monitoring concept for your POS Inbound process. The concept aims to define procedures for business process oriented monitoring and error handling and escalation procedures and gives orientation for defining suitable monitoring objects for your SAP for Retail POS Inbound Process. 
  • Manage Operations for SAP POS Download (SMP credentials required) - This Best Practice helps you to set up a Business Process Monitoring and error handling concept for your SAP for Retail POS Download Process.
  • Manage Operations for SAP POS Data Management - POS Analytics Content  (SMP credentials required) - This Best Practice helps you set up a Business Process Monitoring and error handling concept for your SAP for Retail POS Data Management Solution and POS Analytics Content. 

SAP POS DM - Features, Capabilities and Best Practices



Release-Specific Information for SAP POS DM

Release-Specific Information For SAP POS DM on SAP NetWeaver 7.04

Installation of SAP POS DM

SAP POS Data Management is delivered through the  SAP NetWeaver BI Content component. How to install and upgrade your BI Content release can be found in the relevant SAP Support Notes on components BC-UPG-ADDON and BW-BCT.

For the BI Content Release 7.04 the following notes are relevant for the installation:

  • Information about installation and upgrade: 1172899
  • Information on Add-On Support Packages: 1254946

Please also check the following general notes on BI Content:

  • BI Content Release Strategy: 153967
  • BI Content Add-On dependencies for  SAP NetWeaver/SAP BI: 653814

 (lightbulb)  SAP POS Data Management related notes should be checked regularly on the following components:

  • POS Inbound Processing Engine: BW-BCT-ISR-PIPE
  • POS Analytics: BW-BCT-ISR-POS
  • To inform you generally about SAP NetWeaver BI Content and Extractors, visit the BI Content and Extractors page.

Release-Specific Information For SAP POS DM on SAP NetWeaver 7.0/EHP1

POS Inbound Processing Engine: BI Content Documentation on SAP NetWeaver 7.0/ EHP1


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