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Here is everything you've always wanted to know about moderating in SCN but never dared to ask!

In general, being a moderator means you are an expert on a specific topic/s or in some cases you are a proxy for subject matter experts (meaning you know how to engage with them and call them in for response when necessary).  You take an active interest in the well-being of your topic and its participants.

You can request to moderate  your topic in some or all of SCN community platforms - the forums, the blogs and the wiki area. We encourage our moderators to contribute as much as they can and share their knowledge in all 3 platforms, as they are the experts (wink)

Forum Moderators

* On the one hand, administrative work:

  •  Deleting/editing inappropriate messages
  • Creating a sticky note for/locking important posts
  •  Moving questions (if posted in the wrong forum)
  •  Dealing with abuse reports (different violations)

* On the second hand, participating in the forum and answering questions

Blog Moderators

  • Reviewing pending blogs under your category (there's a special queue with all the blogs waiting to be approved) within 7 days of the blog appearing in the queue and deciding whether to approve=release OR to return it to the blogger with comments for improvement.
  • Once released you are also requested to assign points (1-120, depending on its content and features)

* Note: not ALL blogs need to be reviewed prior to publishing, only blogs by juniors who are relatively new to our system, in order to ensure the quality and professionalism of the blogs.

Wiki Moderators

  • Making sure there is no offensive, inappropriate, off-topic or otherwise questionable content, including plagiarism. The recommended and easiest way to do so is to use the "watch" option for the entire space (the star icon on your right).
  • Assigning points to the space's contributors as a way of recognition for their good content and efforts. The 'Points' tab is where you award points for a specific page. You can also view previous versions of the page and award the authors their points using the tool. Please make sure to choose the correct development area for your space.
  • Reviewing and approving newly suggested content from the Submitted Content area. Elaborated explanations and guidelines can be found on the Wiki Stage homepage.
  • Recommending on consistent valuable contributors to become Expert Wiki Editors, by sending them the editor request link with cc to
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