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Welcome to the SCM Advanced Planning and Optimization (APO) page.


APO (Advanced Planning and Optimization) application is at the heart of SCM. It offers planning and optimization functionalities in different business processes of Demand Planning, Supply Planning, Supply and Demand Matching, Production Planning Detailed Scheduling, Global Available to Promise and Transportation Management.

SAP APO functionalities enable Plan to Inventory End to End Business Processes.

Collaboration with Suppliers and Customers is also possible through newer application Supply Network Collaboration (SNC) till recently known as Inventory Collation Hub (ICH)

With SCM 5.0 a new set of functionalities under Services Parts Planning were added specifically catering to Spare Parts Management.

APO as a application is tightly integrated to execution (OLTP) system like ERP using a standard interface called Core Interface Function (Interfaces - Core Interface (CIF) and BAPIs). It also has full BI (erstwhile BW) component for Data Mart as well as Reporting functionalities.

Note: All links below require SDN/SMP Login

Disclaimer: Content Accuracy is assured as much as possible. Discretion advised.

For interaction with SAP Support

SAP KBA 2164726 - How to create the perfect incident for PP/DS (SCM-APO-PPS)
SAP KBA 2227281 - How to create the perfect incident for SCM-APO-INT and SCM-BAS-INT
SAP KBA 2238377 - Checklist before creating an Incident/Ticket in SCM-APO-SNP & SCM-APO-SDM-CTM 
SAP KBA 2151502 - How to create the perfect incident for SCM-ICH component and subcomponents 
SAP KBA 2142323 - How To Find Additional Knowledge Repositories For APO GATP
SAP KBA  2231024 - Knowledge base and problem solutions in SCM APO Master Data area





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