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Update the Component Repository Content (CR Content) in the System Landscape Directory (SLD)

In some cases you need to update the CR Content of the SLD to make it up to date with the SAP.

For example: In customizing the ESS business package while creating the tracks you may not find few dependencies which are required, say EP Build tool doesn't exist in the build time dependencies of the ESS Software component.

To get this you need to update the CR Content. The process of updating the CR content is clearly given in the note 669669.

Reference: - SAP Note 669669

Step 1: CR Content Version Check

Go to SLD  (http://<host>:<port>/sld) ->Administration -Details--> Data

Step 2: Importing the downloaded CRDELTA and CIMSAP files

Go to SLD --> Administration --> Import


Step 3: Import check

The system automatically checks for the compatibility if the check shows warnings or errors do not proceed with the import by clicking the "Cancel Import" button.

If there are no errors or warnings you can continue with the import by clicking on the "Continue Import" button.


This may take few minutes so wait until it gets finished


  1. Unknown User (106u2vwya)

    Hi Team,

    Could anyone suggest a solution, often faced during CR content imports. These activites take so long, privded one files has abut 300 thousand units and about 30 MBs; that the INternet explorers often get timed-out.

    Can anyne suggest how to check this or keep a look at something at teh background that says that, hey the job is still runnning.


  2. Hello Varun,

    As soon as you press Continue Import button it will start process and your page will automatically refresh every couple seconds.

    As far I know I did this update couple times without timeing out issue.

    Let me know if you still have any question.



  3. Dears,

    Please note that per note : 669669  you must first import the file cimsap then the delta file.

    Thanks  Mr Chowdary and  Bret Halford so much.


    Ahmed Salam.