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User Administration

SAP creates the first user for new customers and assigns this user the highest level of authorization. (For Business Object customers, maximum authorization is assigned to the primary contacts.) Users with maximum authorizations are the super-administrators. They are mainly responsible for creating and administrating user IDs.To check if you are listed as a super-administrator in SAP Support Portal, go to My Profile → Display my super-administrators

  • If however, a Super Administrator leaves the company or should no longer be responsible, then the generation, deletion, or authorization assignment is carried out by SAP.
  • The Super Administrator is responsible for all S-User inquires.
  • New user requests with the status IN PROCESS -> The replication process can take up to 24 hours, do not generate a second user, if after 24 hours a user has not been successfully generated, then you may open a Customer Message.
  • Role assignment/changes for Software Recipient, Technical Contact Person for Service Reports etc.


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