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Please find below some hints and common issues




.NET specific hints and common issues

General Questions:

1. Is it possible to install Nakisa and ECC in the same server?

Yes, it´s possible. However it´s necessary to take into account the traffic, performance, hardware, etc; for this server.

2. Is it possible to install Nakisa on a Virtual Machine?

Yes, it's possible if the requirements of Operating System and Software are respected. Also, the virtual resources must be aligned with the physical resources presented on the Installation Guide.

3. Is it possible to run more than one component of VSN on the same server without conflicts?

Yes, it is possible. There is no technical issue on running more than one component on the same server because each one of the Nakisa components have different installations and virtual directories and they will not conflict with each other. Although, the performance issue must be considered on running more than one service on the same server.

4. Is it possible to integrate the Nakisa components?

Yes, but only if they were installed inside a Portal. To integrate the Nakisa components, you can create Iviews that will contain these components. You can find more information on creating iViews on the following link: Creating Iviews.

5. What are the system requirements? the Master Guide for the system requirements. Consult the version for the Service Pack level you are deploying.

6. Where can I find information on upgrades?

There are a series of blog posts available on the upgrade process, considerations, etc.: Part 1 - Why Bother? | Part 2 - Preparing the Environment | Part 3 - Carrying Out the Upgrade.

Version 4.1 includes an upgrade document (VSN41_UpgradeGuide.pdf) that specifically lists some details about upgrading to that version.

ABAP add-on upgrade issues were present in upgrading to 4.0 SP1 (but this is no longer the latest version).

7. Can I access OrgChart on my mobile device?

The OrgHub for Mobile application is available from VSN 4.1 onwards.  This allows the OrgChart configuration to be accessed on an iOS device in a way that has been designed for mobile.

More information on OrgHub for Mobile

OrgChart Specific Questions

1. Does OrgChart require EhP4?

OrgChart does not require EhP4 to function.  

For version 4.1 ECC6.0 EhP0 through to EhP7 is supported.

For version 4.0/4.0 SP1 ECC6.0 EhP0 through to EhP6 is supported.

For version 3.0, SAP 4.7 ext 220 onwards are supported.

NB: "OrgChart for Defense" (4.1) is supported for EhP5 & eHP6, but support is available on request for EhP3, EhP4 and EhP7.

2. Do the Nakisa Transport Package or ABAP Add-on require EhP4?

The current build available on the SAP Service Market Place includes transports for different SAP system and Enhancement Pack levels.

3. Does OrgChart require the Nakisa Transport Package or ABAP Add-on?

Yes, all VSN applications require both the Nakisa Transport Package and ABAP Add-on to function.

4. Does OrgChart require NetWeaver to run?

4.0 SP1/4.1 applications (including OrgChart) requires NetWeaver CE 7.2 (all EhP/SP levels), NetWeaver 7.3(all EhP/SP levels) or NetWeaver 7.4.

4.0 applications (including OrgChart) requires NetWeaver CE 7.2 (all EhP/SP levels) or NetWeaver 7.3(all EhP/SP levels).

OrgChart 3.0 requires NetWeaver CE 7.1 (see the Master Guide or PAM for specific Service Pack level supported), although from SP2 all VSN applications can run on NetWeaver CE 7.2 or NetWeaver 7.3.

See "Compatibility Matrix SAP.pdf" supplied for more details.

Other Questions

1. Does OrgManager/TeamManager require EhP5?

For 4.1 OrgManager/TeamManager ECC6.0 EhP0 through to EhP7 is supported.

For 4.0/4.0 SP1 OrgManager/TeamManager ECC6.0 EhP0 through to EhP6 is supported.

For 3.0 version, the current build available on the SAP Service Market Place requires EhP5. Currently there are no transport available for pre-EhP5 systems.

2. Does STVN require a minimum SAP version?

STVN (SAP Talent Visualization by Nakisa consists of TalentHub for Employees, TalentHub for Managers and TalentHub for HR & Executives.

For 4.1, TalentHub applications are supported for SAP ECC 6.0 EhP4 through EhP7.

For 4.0/4.0 SP1, TalentHub applications are supported for SAP ECC 6.0 EhP4 through EhP6.


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