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The purpose of this wifki is to provide tips on troubleshooting  "Transaction recorded"  entries in SM58.


This page demonstrates with screenshots how to identify and  troubleshoot " Transaction recorded" issues in SM58.

Identifying the issue

A screen similar to the following will be shown in SM58:

Check SMQS to see if destination NBP800 is registered on the outbound scheduler for tRFC processing:

To do this goto SMQS find the relevant destination and click on the value in the TYPE field - usually it is R for Registered:

Here we can see that destination NBP800 is registered for both qRFC and tRFC processing.


Check scheduler status


  • Just adding my bit to above helpful post
  • We had same issue in which SM58 entries showing Status text as 'Transaction recorded'. Also In SMQS -- goto -- qRFC ResourcesResource status was showing 'Not OK' (Red in color).
  • In SMQS Scheduler Status: was 'INACTIVE' which is normal (Green).
  • How it got solved: In SMQS -> menu Edit -> Activate scheduler made Resource status into 'Ok' (Green). And SM58 entries started getting processed.


If scheduler status is RES_LACK, there may be several reasons described in note 1970757 - Outbound qRFC scheduler with status RES_LACK :

  • One of them is due to an invalid "Name of AS group". Check if it exists in transaction RZ12. If it doesn't exist, create it, or change the name in SMQS and go to menu Edit → Change AS group.
  • You may need to activate the scheduler as described above


If the host ID corresponds to an old host name, it can be corrected automatically by SMQS -> menu Edit -> Activate scheduler

Other checks

If entries are remaining in SM58 in status "transaction recorded" and the destination is regsitered on the outbound scheduler for tRFC processing, the only way to speed up the processing of these entries is by increasing the "max conn" value for that particular destination in SMQS. If destination is not registered in SMQS for trfc processing the entries in SM58 can be reprocessed by scheduling report RSARFCEX.

Report RSARFCEX will not work for the entries where the destination is registered for tRFC processing.

The number of max connections can be seen in SMQS ALSO:
Trnx SMQS:

Destination NBP800 is Registered (Type "R") on the Outbound scheduler. The "Max. conn." Value is 1 which means that the maximum number of used dialog used for this destination is 1, this may cause a problem so the number can be increased.

To do this, highlight the destination and choose "Edit" and "Registration":



You will see the following:


"Max conn" value can be changed here.

If you are increasing the max conn value, check that there are enough resources available. See note 1403974  "Determining the maximum connections in transaction" for advise on setting the Max conn value.

To do this from SMQS, choose "goto" in the Menu and then "qRFC Resources":


You will see something like:

Make sure that there are enough resources for tRFC/qRFC processing. If the value is set to 0 or if the "qRFC Resources" show "not ok"
the parameters in note
74141 will need to be set to allocate resources for trfc/qRFC processing.

"Transaction recorded" usually happens when A. processing idocs or B. BW loads.

A.If it occurs when processing idocs you will see function module "IDOC_INBOUND_ASYNCH" mentioned in SM58.
Check also that the idocs are being processed in the background and not in the foreground.

Ensure that background processing is used for ALE communications.

Report RSEOUT00 (outbound)can be configured to run very specifically for the high volume message types on their system. Schedule regular runs of report RESOUT00 it can be run for
IDoc Type and\or Partner etc..

To set to background processing for Outbound idocs do the following:

-> go to transaction WE20 -> Select Partner Select Outbound Message Type and change the processing method from
"Transfer IDoc Immedi." to "Collect IDocs".

B.If "transaction recorded" occurs when processing BW loads the function module "RSAR_TRFC_DATA_RECEIVED" will be seen in SM58, check also note 916706 Number of dialog processes for data transfer.  In this case, also check transaction SM66 on the BW side, if you see many work processes in error running report SAPLSENA then this needs to be checked by BW application colleagues. 

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  1. Great post. It helped solve my problem.

  2. Unknown User (106mwxlzo)

    Just adding my bit to above helpful post

    We had same issue in which SM58 entries showing Status text as 'Transaction recorded'. Also In SMQS -- goto -- qRFC Resources, Resource status was showing 'Not OK' (Red in color).

    In SMQS Scheduler Status: was 'INACTIVE' which is normal (Green).

    How it got solved: In SMQS -- Edit -- Activate scheduler made Resource status into 'Ok' (Green). And SM58 entries started getting processed.

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