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Main COE number and Sub customer number (name and number of customers) which should be permitted or deleted.

The support incident MUST be opend by a COE Super-Administrator!

In cases of deletion of a complete COE function or deletion of a single customer out of a corporate group function it is not possible to move S-Users and/or customer incidents!

  • A S-User is always be owned by a customer number for which it was created.
  • A support incident is affiliated to a customer number and an installation number under which the incident was opened.

This means for example: you will not have access to incidents which you or other users have created under customer number xyz (or for a system under an installation of this customer number), if this one or the customer number of your S-User is deleted out of the corporate group function.


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  1. Hi Martin;

    this wiki needs some urgent updates - the SAP Notes goes in the nirvana (smile)

    Customer Center of Expertise (XX-SER-SAPSMP-COE)

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