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System Data Administration

  1. System Data is maintained only in the SAP Service MarketPlace.
  2. To request a new System or to change an existing System, see the SAP Note 94998.
  3. You want to delete an existing System?
    You can delete an existing System using the System Data Maintenance application at the URL
  4. You want to request a new System, e.g. to change a System ID or the database system?
    Request a License Key under
    Please also refer to the SAP Note 94998.

Info: For inquiries about, or changes to, the platform or installation, please contact your local contracts department via email.

If you need to open a service message we need following information within the message:

  1. Installation platform
  2. Installation number
  3. System ID and Database system (Changing the System ID and/or the database system can only be accomplished by requesting a new License Key.)
  4. The license key, the validity period, the hardware key and the release, will all be automatically updated whenever a new license key is requested. A manual update of this data is not possible.
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