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SAP Supply Chain Management (SAP SCM) enables collaboration, planning, execution, and coordination of the entire supply chain network. SAP SCM provides broad functionality for enabling adaptive supply chain networks and integrates seamlessly with both SAP and non-SAP software in these ways:

  • Delivers planning and execution functions that are integrated by design
  • Supports best practices and provides preconfigured software for enabling collaborative business, accelerating implementation, and reducing costs
  • Recognized by key industry analysts as the market-leading supply chain management application

From the SAP INFO Glossary

Supply Chain Management: Describes the active management of the entire supply chain from supplier to customer. SAP supports its customers with solutions that integrate information and decisions from the entire supply chain into a seamless, automated, and optimized information infrastructure. It provides the framework for integrating strategic decision support, data warehousing, planning and simulation, forecasting and execution systems in a closed loop with core enterprise financial, logistics and human resource applications.

ES bundles that utilize SAP SCM

SAP Supply Chain Management is a system requirement for the following ES bundles (listed here in their respective categories):

Order Fulfillment

Demand and Supply Planning

Supply Network Collaboration

Transportation, Warehousing

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  1. Is there an implementation methodology road map avaialable for SAP Supply Chain management either for ECC or S/4 Hana.

    Much obliged for any help.